With-Draw: Interactive Piece by Joanne Holtje

With-Draw is an interactive piece that will
change over the course of the show.

I am asking people to write down a descriptive
word, an adjective or adverb and drop it
in the box provided.

I am pulling the words, one at a time, and
making a mark in response to the word.

The words I have used are taped to the wall to
the right of the piece.

This was the first incarnation; the way the
piece looked at the opening.

People were very
generous and left me
lots of great words
to work with!

There is still time to join the "conversation".
Drop by the exhibit (this Sunday we will be hosting
Artist talks) and add your words to the mix!
Thanks for all the great words you gave me to work with!  Including a few in foreign (to me) languages.  This was my favorite in terms of handwriting.